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22 february 2012
Press Russian International

Der Spiegel: “Generation Putin”

Nie zuvor wuchs eine Generation Russen so frei auf wie die Kinder des Umbruchs in der Sowjetunion. Zwanzig Jahre nach dem Ende des Kommunismus wollen sie das Land verändern. So wie der Gewichtheber und Jungpolitiker Tereschenko - ein Anhänger von Wladimir Putin.

12 february 2012

Christian Science Monitor: “Putin hails Antarctic lake discovery as 'great event,' promises awards”

On national television, Russia's natural resources minister gave Putin a canister of water from melted ice at the bottom of the boreshaft near the surface of Lake Vostok.

17 november 2011

Bloomberg: "Russia Ready to Give ‘Practical, Real’ Aid to EU, Putin Says"

Russia is prepared to provide “practical, real aid” to Europe and wants to channel its assistance “first of all” through the International Monetary Fund, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said.

16 november 2011

Christian Science Monitor: "Putin and his Russia don't deserve the bad rap"

Vladimir Putin’s announcement that he will run for president in 2012 has evoked mass breast beating in the Western media. The indignant response has ranged from direct attacks on Mr. Putin himself to dire assessments of Russia’s future prospects under a renewed Putin presidency.

8 november 2011

Associated Press: "Russia, China laud their economic bloc with Central Asian nations"

The member states of a security pact dominated by Russia and China pledged Monday to boost their financial and energy cooperation, despite the global economic slowdown.

21 october 2011

AFP: “Putin welcomes Greek 'fertility-boosting' relic to Russia”

Vladimir Putin on Thursday welcomed to Russia a highly revered Orthodox relic credited with fertility-boosting powers as his country struggles to halt a population decline.

11 october 2011

Christian Science Monitor: "What Putin wants from China"

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin arrived in Beijing today for a two-day visit, just days after calling for the creation of a "Eurasian Union" of former soviet states.

5 october 2011

Reuters: «Putin concerned by euro zone debt crisis»

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, preparing for a return to the Kremlin, urged Europe on Thursday to deal resolutely with its sovereign debt crisis and said Moscow was better prepared to cope than it was before the global crash of 2008.

4 october 2011

The Financial Times: “Putin sets sights on Eurasian economic union”

Twenty years after the Soviet Union collapsed, Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, may not, as is sometimes alleged, be trying to recreate it.

24 september 2011

Reuters: “Russia's Putin says Arctic trade route to rival Suez”

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Thursday predicted Arctic shipping routes along Russia's northern coast would soon rival the Suez Canal as a quicker trade link from Europe to Asia.

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