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6 september 2011
Press Russian International

EuroNews: "Nordstream sous pression dans la journée"

C'est un enjeu colossal pour la Russie, tant sur le plan économique que politique: alimenter 25 millions de foyers d'Europe occidentale, pour asseoir encore un peu plus sa suprématie en matière d'énergie.

18 august 2011

The Associated Press: “Putin aerospace industries ‘absolute’ priority for Russian government”

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin vowed Wednesday to keep the development of national aerospace industries a top priority for his government.

13 august 2011

Reuters: “Russia completes Soviet-era dam in St Petersburg”

Russia completed on Friday the multi-billion-dollar construction of an abandoned Soviet-era dam complex in St Petersburg to protect its former imperial capital from potentially devastating floods.

2 august 2011

The Associated Press: “Putin supports calls for unification of Russia and Belarus as in Soviet times”

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says he supports calls for Russia to merge with its western neighbor Belarus.

2 august 2011

Global Post: “Putin talks to Nashi”

Vladimir Putin just held a long sitdown with Nashi, answering questions from the teens at the youth group’s annual Seliger summer camp.

16 july 2011

The Associated Press: “Putin says Russia won’t scrap incentives for foreign carmakers in order to join WTO”

Russia won't lift incentives that encourage foreign carmakers to produce parts in the country in exchange for World Trade Organization membership, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin warned on Friday.

15 july 2011

AFP: “Russia wants to complete Kyoto talks: Putin”

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Friday that Russia would like to see the expiring Kyoto Protocol extended on fair terms that do not harm the interests of developing nations.

1 july 2011

The Associated Press: “Putin says Russia will expand its presence in Arctic region, remains ‘open for dialogue’”

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says Russia will seek to expand its presence in the Arctic.

22 june 2011

Stratfor: “Russia and France: New Levels of Cooperation”

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov and Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov are visiting Paris to meet with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and other French government officials on June 20-21.

22 june 2011

Le Figaro: “Poutine fait entendre sa différence sur la Syrie”

Le premier ministre russe s'est entretenu mardi avec Nicolas Sarkozy et François Fillon.

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