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3 may 2012
Press Russian International

Izvestia: «Putin thanks his ministers for their four years of good work»

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin called his work in the cabinet “a series of professional development courses.”

3 may 2012

Rossiiskaya Gazeta: «Foreign investment welcomed»

The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service is encouraging foreign companies to invest more into strategic industries.

25 april 2012

Komsomolskaya Pravda: "Putin gives up United Russia leadership to Medvedev"

The president-elect has explained to the ruling party why he cannot be their leader any longer.

24 april 2012

Rossiiskaya Gazeta: "Taxes to be collected at home"

Personal incomes to be collected at places of residence in Karachai-Circassia.

24 april 2012

Kommersant: "Belykh reports to Putin about good performance"

Yesterday Kirov Region Governor Nikita Belykh reported to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin about his region's socio-economic performance.

24 april 2012

Izvestia: "Legislation will be changed to suit business"

The government plans to eliminate administrative and legal barriers.

23 april 2012

Rossiiskaya Gazeta: "Water with ice"

Vladimir Putin learns about the planet’s future from polar explorers.

23 april 2012

Rossiiskaya Gazeta: “Let’s go!”

Year of Russian Tourism begins in China.

17 april 2012

Izvestia: "Privatisation of flats to be replaced by renting"

In a meeting in Istra on Monday, Minister of Regional Development Viktor Basargin suggested to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that all issues concerning state construction should be handed over to the new state company the State Housing Corporation. Financial functions could be transferred to the State Housing Construction Bank.

16 april 2012

"Rossiyskaya gazeta": Moscow brings luck

16 april 2012

"Rossiyskaya gazeta": Help will be provided to the victims of wildfires

13 april 2012

Rossiyskaya Gazeta: "The magic word"

The president's time in office may be limited to two terms. One single word can alter the country's future political landscape. Speaking in the State Duma on Wednesday, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin mentioned the possibility of amending the constitution. Should these amendments be approved, an individual will not be able to remain as President for more than two terms.

13 april 2012

Komsomolskaya Pravda: "A new space centre to appear in Russia"

The Government and scientists have made plans for the future development of the space industry.

13 april 2012

Kommersant: "Offshore zone on the continental shelf"

Yesterday Vladimir Putin attended a meeting on promoting the development of the continental shelf, where he talked about the future of the industry. State organisations now have an opportunity to receive unprecedented tax incentives to develop offshore projects. Oil companies will be allowed to export gas or sell it to Gazprom at export prices. The prospects for private companies who wish to participate in developing the continental shelf are still unclear. The Prime Minister promised to think it over, but the Ministry of Energy is not giving this matter a very high priority.

11 april 2012

Komsomolskaya Pravda: “Russian Geographical Society Has Housewarming Party”

Trustees of Russia’s oldest organisation gathered in their historical headquarters in St Petersburg.

11 april 2012

Komsomolskaya Pravda:. “Putin to report to State Duma today”

On his entire term as Prime Minister.

6 april 2012

Rossiyskaya Gazeta: "Cabinet of Ministers discuss cultural issues"

Vladimir Putin urges his colleagues to visit Easter Festival

6 april 2012

Rossiyskaya Gazeta: "Thinking about the museum industry's future"

Vladimir Putin meets with museum directors in Saratov

30 march 2012

Rossiiskaya Gazeta: "Government to hold inventory of power-generating facilities"

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has called for simplified administrative barriers during housing construction.

30 march 2012

Komsomolskaya Pravda: "Putin unveils monument to Rostropovich"

A monument to the renowned Russian musician Mstislav Rostropovich was unveiled near his apartment building in Moscow’s Bryusov Pereulok.

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