The Saratov Region is located south-east of the East European Plain in the Lower Volga Region. It has an area of 101,200 square kilometres. The region is part of the Volga Federal District. Its population as of Jan. 1, 2012, was 2,508,600 people, including 1,875,900 people in urban and 632,700 people in rural areas.

The Saratov Region has considerable economic, energy, scientific, investment, cultural and human resources potential. Oil, gas, raw materials for construction, sulphur, zeolites, oil shale, and agronomic ore are produced in the region. The region is the leader in perspective hydrocarbon deposit resources in the Volga Region. It holds fourth place in terms of raw materials deposits.

The Saratov Region maintains high levels of industrial production. The index for the first two months in 2012 was estimated at 108.5% of the figure reached last year. The region has developed its electrical energy, engineering, metalwork, chemistry, petrol chemistry, and fuel industries.