Press Conferences

2 december, 2010 22:30

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gives a news conference in Zurich after Russia wins the 2018 FIFA World Cup bid

“Come and see for yourselves how we are preparing for the FIFA World Cup-2018. That will be a good way to see Russia, to tour its cities and to understand the country better. Russia is developing, it is on the upsurge, and it will become even stronger by 2018.”

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso give a news conference following the meeting of the Russian government and the EU Commission
24 february

“Russia and the EU face similar economic challenges, which is yet another argument for our further integration. Today we discussed coordinating our efforts, as well as the possibility of drafting long term development plans for specific sectors…”

26 november, 2010 23:03

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Angela Merkel hold a joint news conference following Russian-German talks

“We have agreed to continue to provide joint business initiatives with the necessary political and organisational support. We are striving to move away from traditional, mainly commercial forms of interaction towards full-scale technological and industrial cooperation, to create strategic alliances between Russian and German companies in several key industries.”

23 november, 2010 18:45

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin speaks at a news conference following the International Tiger Conservation Forum

“The goals set forth in the Global Programme for Tiger Conservation cannot be achieved without the active participation of ordinary citizens. Broad public support and understanding of the process are extremely important for the success of the programme.”

19 november, 2010 20:45

The heads of government of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan hold a joint news conference

13 november, 2010 19:30

Prime Ministers Vladimir Putin and Boyko Borissov speak to the media following bilateral talks

27 october, 2010 20:34

The Russian and Ukrainian prime ministers hold a news conference following a meeting of the Committee on Economic Cooperation

“We are willing to continue our dialogue on all issues of concern to both parties, and I am confident that we will always find mutually acceptable solutions,” the Russian prime minister said following talks in Kiev.

15 october, 2010 19:45

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Belarusian Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky and Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Massimov hold a joint new conference following talks

“Today, during our complicated discussions, we managed to reach acceptable, coordinated solutions on the most difficult issues. This gives me hope that it will be much easier to make progress than it has been,” the Russian prime minister said.

14 october, 2010 18:25

Vladimir Putin answers journalists' questions as he wraps up his working visit to Sochi

Vladimir Putin believes Russia has a very good chance of winning the 2018 World Cup bid.

30 august, 2010 12:00

During his trip along the new Khabarovsk-Chita highway Prime Minister Vladimir Putin replied to questions from correspondents from the Russia-24 and My Planet television channels

30 august, 2010 12:40

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s interview with Kommersant special correspondent Andrei Kolesnikov

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