4 august, 2010 15:00  

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visits temporary shelters for fire victims in the Voronezh Region


While on a working trip to the Voronezh Region, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited the Voronezh Hotel Brno, which is being used as temporary shelter for fire victims.

Putin discussed the future living conditions with people who wanted to know, above all, whether they would be given new housing. Putin replied in the affirmative. He said he knew what kind of housing they had in the regions, meaning that it was "modest housing." He said that new apartments will be modern and have all the latest amenities, while construction costs will be based on the average market price of a square metre of housing in the region. The Prime Minister also said that the pace of construction will not depend on whether a victim's previous housing was privatised before the fire or not.

Putin also said that homeless fire victims whose families all lived in one home before the fire will receive individual housing. "If several families lived in one house before the fire, each family will receive its own individual housing," Putin said.

One of the fire victims asked Putin whether her 92-year old mother will also be given separate housing. The Prime Minister asked whether the old woman had lived with her daughter before the fire. The woman said she lived with her mother but now the old woman would like to have her own home. Putin said this issue could be examined.

The Prime Minister also wanted to know how the authorities would issue new documents to the fire victims, primarily to pensioners. An administrator explained that new pension documents are issued on the basis of a passport.

The fire victims thanked the Prime Minister and the regional government for their timely support and assistance.