Press Conferences

29 april, 2009 19:00

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko addressed a joint news conference

“We are well aware of our responsibility for preserving the achievements of Russian-Ukrainian partnership. That is why we make it a point to be circumspect and behave appropriately as we seek mutually acceptable approaches to the problems we share.”

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso give a news conference following the meeting of the Russian government and the EU Commission
24 february

“Russia and the EU face similar economic challenges, which is yet another argument for our further integration. Today we discussed coordinating our efforts, as well as the possibility of drafting long term development plans for specific sectors…”

28 april, 2009 21:12

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Bulgarian Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev made statements to the press after intergovernmental negotiations

"Our opinion exchange has once again proved our shared desire to develop Russian-Bulgarian relations in every field. As you know, the atmosphere of our relations that has taken shape over time is notable for the respect of mutual interests, and is aimed at ever new objectives."

10 april, 2009 17:00

The Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki have issued a statement for the press on the results of the Russian-Iraqi intergovernmental talks

"We have noted the interest of our Iraqi partners in resuming military and military-technical cooperation. These negotiations are already at the stage of practical contacts and I believe that full-scale negotiations may well be resumed."

23 march, 2009 20:00

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin addressed a news conference

"The European Commission is paying ever greater attention to energy transport-in particular, natural gas piping via Ukraine. That is good, as is the attempt to put the gas transport operator under the control of international legal norms and regulations. I think we should, and can, support it."

17 march, 2009 16:00

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his Mongolian counterpart Sanjaagiin Bayar made statements for the press on the results of their talks

"Our dialogue has been rather intensive. The exchange of opinions we had confirms our mutual striving for further development of bilateral partnership that is based on the principles of trust, equality and mutual advantage."

10 march, 2009 15:00

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany summarised intergovernmental consultations at a news conference

"We certainly discussed major projects, including South Stream, and have attended relevant document signings concerning the construction of the Hungarian stretch of South Stream and of a major underground gasholder in Hungary with a capacity of more than a billion cubic metres."

6 february, 2009 17:30

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and European Commission President José Manuel Barroso held a joint news conference

"Russia is the EU's third-largest trading partner after the United States and China. We are the EU's fourth-largest supplier. During the past year, Russia imported more than 100 billion euros worth of goods from the EU. This is a significant amount in international economic relations, which is why our consultations are obviously important."

30 january, 2009 19:00

Vladimir Putin and Sergei Sidorsky delivered a joint statement to the press following a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Union State

"It is essential to confirm mutual commitments to continue fostering the formation of a common economic space and a real customs union."

27 january, 2009 13:30

Vladimir Putin gave an interview to Bloomberg news agency

"True, we have made economic diversification our goal only recently. On the whole, I think we have taken the right road and are reaching our targets at a fairly good pace. The global financial and economic crisis is helping us, in a sense, because it forces us to be more rational, implement new technologies (energy saving, for example), upgrade production and retrain the personnel."

18 january, 2009 09:00

Statements by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko on the results of their talks

"During the talks it has been agreed that Russia and Ukraine are adopting the European price formula in the trade in natural gas."

15 january, 2009 00:30

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s interview with German Television’s Channel One ARD

"The main thing, however, is that Europe and Russia undoubtedly have a common future. We should recognize that natural interdependence, build our relations for the long term on understandable principles, and respect each other's interests. If we do so, all of Greater Europe will be prosperous and competitive in today's complicated world."

10 january, 2009 20:52

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek of the Czech Republic – the President of the European Union – summarise their talks at a news conference

"Everyone should be clear that there are two problems here. One concerns Russia's sales of gas to Ukraine, while the other concerns Russian gas transit to European users via Ukraine. European consumers should not be made hostage to Russian-Ukrainian economic relations."

8 january, 2009 19:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met with foreign media

"The most important thing today, one of the key issues, is to ensure the safety of supplies. That is why, realizing that such situations may arise in the future, Russia has long set the task of diversifying supplies of our energy. To this end, we launched the plan to build the North-Western pipeline system under the Baltic Sea and another system under the Black Sea (we tentatively call it the South Stream). For that purpose, we built the Blue Stream pipeline to Turkey on the bottom of the Black Sea."

29 december, 2008 18:00

Prime Minister Putin met with “government pool” journalists to wish them a Happy New Year

"We attach great importance to our cooperation, which is why the members of the pool are constantly with the Government leaders wherever they may be. I would like to thank you for the joint work that was done throughout 2008."

12 december, 2008 17:30

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin held a press conference following the meeting of the EurAsEC Interstate Heads of Government Council

"There is no doubt that consolidation of business partnerships, and implementation of major initiatives will promote the region's economic stability and sustainable development."

5 december, 2008 16:00

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his Armenian counterpart Tigran Sargsyan made statements for the press

"This year, experts have registered dynamic development of bilateral trade and economic contacts. Trade is steadily going up; this year, it has increased by almost 17%. Russian investments are promoting the Armenian economic upsurge. They have already exceeded $1.6 billion."

4 december, 2008 15:30

After the end of the televised question and answer session, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the press

"There have been many questions, and they are vital for people. Quite often, these are critical questions, but they reflect exactly what worries people. I'm indeed grateful to the Russian people for these questions, for the open conversation we had about real problems that the man on the street encounters."

15 november, 2008 00:20

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Moldovan Prime Minister Zinaida Greceanii summarised Russian-Moldovan talks in an address to journalists

"This is a trying time for the world economy and finances. The CIS countries should protect their interests and pool their efforts to overcome the global economic and financial crisis. The Russian leadership is willing to offer the greatest possible assistance to its Moldovan partners in solving those problems."

12 november, 2008 14:00

Vladimir Putin held talks with Finland’s Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen

"Finland is without any exaggeration one of our most important partners in Europe. Not only because we are neighbours, but also because the figures of our trade turnover suggest this. Our statistics show that in the first six months of this year Russia also became Finland's top partner, ahead of Germany."

11 november, 2008 19:00

Vladimir Putin and Egyptian Prime Minister Dr Ahmed Mahmoud Mohammed Nazif held a joint news conference following talks

"Russia and Egypt established friendly ties long ago, and are steadily developing a dialogue at the highest and other high levels. We have been coordinating our foreign political positions and successfully developing our trade and economic contacts."

30 october, 2008 21:16

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin talked to Russian journalists after visiting Kazakhstan

"We must implement our projects at all costs, when they are ambitious enough and especially when they involve economic infrastructure. Again, we must stimulate domestic demand. We must help each other finance projects. Russia, China and Kazakhstan have many such opportunities.

30 october, 2008 13:21

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made a statement to the press on the results of the meeting of the Council of the Heads of Government of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation members (SCO)

"We have also signed a number of documents covering the fiscal and organisational aspects of our Organisation's operation, including next year's budget. We have agreed on how to further develop the SCO and given a general assessment of current global processes. All has been reflected in the final joint communiqué. Finally, I want to stress that our meeting once again proved the great potential opportunities of the Organisation and its ability to provide a tangible and specific benefit to all member-states and observers, whose engagement in our work is welcome".

28 october, 2008 16:30

Closing remarks by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao at the 13th Regular Meeting of Prime Ministers of Russia and China

"I am referring to the volume of our trade, its components, and a high degree of diversification of our relations. This would include energy, transport, investment, high technology, construction, farming and the environment. It is hard to name another country with whom we deal on such a wide range of interaction. And in each of these fields we are constantly boosting our efforts and respective results."

6 october, 2008 21:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Belarusian Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky made a joint statement for journalists after the Union State’s Council of Ministers meeting

"I am convinced that Russia and Belarus should act as a driving force of integration. Direct contacts between specific ministries and departments certainly play a major role here, and so do the working agencies set up at the Union State Council of Ministers - the commission on tariff and non-tariff limitations and the coordination commission for a common transport system."

2 october, 2008 22:00

After their talks, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko held a joint news conference

"I am convinced that our joint efforts must facilitate the sustained development of Russian-Ukrainian ties based on pragmatism and mutual trust and regardless of time-serving political considerations. Moscow is prepared for precisely such cooperation with our Ukrainian partners."

25 september, 2008 18:30

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met with board members of the Central Council of Russia’s Agrarian Party

"I think the Agrarian Party and United Russia are likeminded organisations, because even when the Agrarian Party was in opposition it still worked constructively with the authorities".

20 september, 2008 19:10

Vladimir Putin and Francois Fillon addressed reporters on the results of the 13th head-of-government meeting of the Russian-French Commission for Cooperation

"I would like to tell you that at the end of the meeting we signed a series of documents strengthening the legal basis of our relations. Among them is an agreement on youth exchanges and joint implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, plus a statement on a partnership in education, research, and innovation. We also concluded an agreement on legal aid between the Prosecutor-General's Office of Russia and the Ministry of Justice of France."

13 september, 2008 09:00

Interview granted by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to the French newspaper Le Figaro

"Russia is developing at a rapid pace. In 2003 I said that doubling our gross domestic product was our medium-term goal. And we are moving towards that goal: the goal will be achieved in late 2009 or, according to some other estimates, in the first quarter of 2010."

2 september, 2008 16:00

After his working visit to Uzbekistan Prime Minister Vladimir Putin answered questions from journalists

"If you look at the taxation structure in the country, at first glance the taxes are a little higher than in Europe. But if we remove the high oil and gas taxes, the other taxes are even lower than in Europe".

31 may, 2008 15:00

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the French newspaper Le Monde

"Russia is a Presidential Republic. And we do not intend to depart from the key role of the head of state in the political system in our country. But the fact that I have become the head of Government is, of course, a curious fact in our political history."

23 may, 2008 20:30

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin answered journalists' questions after the meeting of the Council of the CIS heads of Government

"The first thing discussed today was the strategy for economic cooperation in post-Soviet territory".

28 august, 2008 18:00

CNN interviews Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

"We are a peace-loving state, and we want to cooperate with all our neighbors and all our partners. But if someone thinks that they can come and kill us, that our place is at the cemetery, these people should think about the consequences of such a policy for themselves."

6 august, 2008 12:00

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the Chinese state news agency Xinhua and to the Renmin Ribao newspaper

"The exchange of national years is an unprecedented project in the history of relations between Russia and China. It has given us an opportunity to implement many ideas in the development of our interaction in various fields."

28 june, 2008 17:00

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had a meeting with the Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko

"Russian-Ukrainian economic partnership is on the whole developing progressively and successfully. Trade is growing steadily. A number of forward-looking joint projects are being implemented. The negotiations held so far have already shown that we are ready to discuss all the topics of concern to us in a friendly and open manner. We can resolve all the questions that arise to the benefit of both sides."

27 june, 2008 18:00

Vladimir Putin and Sergei Sidorsky held a joint news conference after the meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Russia-Belarus Union State

"I am convinced that we must move further in order to tap the full potential of the two countries and use their significant resources. We should step up our work in all areas. The various Union State structures must act more efficiently and with greater commitment."

20 june, 2008 15:40

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin met with Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Zinaida Greceanii

"I would like to note that we are happy with the way trade and economic links between Russia and Moldova are developing. You only have to look at the rate at which our trade is growing. Last year it stood at $1 billion. This is a good indicator. I am sure that we have grounds to expect that our relations will continue developing at the same pace."

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