13 october, 2009 16:51  

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao held a press conference to summarise the results of the 14th regular meeting of the Russian and Chinese heads of Government


Wen Jiabao (as translated): Dear friends from the press, Prime Minister Putin and I are very glad to meet with you.

This year we are celebrating 60 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and China. This is a crucial year for our shared efforts to overcome the global financial and economic crisis. This current visit to China by Russian Prime Minister Putin is particularly important.

We have just finished the 14th regular meeting between the heads of government of China and Russia, during which there was a comprehensive exchange of opinions on all bilateral and multi-lateral issues that are of mutual interest.

As a result of our meeting, our two countries signed 11 cooperative agreements. Our meeting went very smoothly, and we achieved great successes.

During the talks, our two countries agreed that as a result of the evolution of Russian-Chinese relations over the last 60 years, our relations are becoming ever more stable and mature. I would like to point out in particular that since our two governments established a strategic partnership in 1996 the level of mutual political trust and practical cooperation between our countries has increased. This yields tremendous benefits for our two nations, and has a great influence on the world and its overall development.

The Chinese side is ready to develop relations further with our Russian friends, and we will continue our efforts to achieve even greater successes in doing so.

As a result of our talks, we agreed on the following: First - each country needs to consider the vitally important national interests and crucial concerns of the other, and both countries must strengthen the political foundations of bilateral relations in every possible way.

Second - we must strive to find new ways to cooperate, optimise mutual trade structures, regulate trade, and create favourable conditions for mutual trade. At the same time, we need to fight protectionism decisively. We also agreed to increase cooperation in the financial sector and expand our joint efforts in investment, as well as in technological and economic exchange.

Third - our two countries agreed that we need appropriate cooperation on major projects in the oil, gas, and nuclear power sectors, and that we need to strengthen cooperation in the space, aviation, transport and telecommunications sectors.

Fourth - our two countries agreed to implement a programme that has already been ratified for cooperation between northeast China and the Far Eastern and eastern Siberian regions of Russia, in order to ensure the expeditious and successful development of relations between these regions of China and Russia.

Fifth point. In accordance with an agreement calling for opening intercultural centres in our countries as quickly as possible, next year Russia will hold the Year of the Chinese Language. This will further strengthen the contacts and friendship between the youth and adolescents of our countries, and thereby also strengthen the social foundations for friendship between our countries.

Sixth point. Our two countries have agreed that we need to strengthen our close relations in every way possible with regard to international issues in order to cooperate in addressing global challenges.

China and Russia are not only neighbouring countries but also major powers and permanent members of the UN Security Council. We think that neighbourly relations, friendship between our countries, mutually beneficial cooperation, and growth for both of our countries are not only in our interests but also in the interests of the whole world.

I am completely convinced that when we work together we will certainly make a more significant and appropriate contribution to maintaining peace and supporting development in the world. I think that we will have an even brighter future. Thank you for your attention.

Vladimir Putin: Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Prime Minister,

Our 14th regular meeting between the heads of government is coming to a close.

This meeting is taking place during a special time - the Chinese people are celebrating the 60th anniversary since the founding of their country, and together we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our two countries.

Naturally, we have taken stock of all that we have done in recent years. We have planned joint efforts to expand our cooperation for the both the near and the long term. We have once again acknowledged that the partnership of Russia and China is quickly progressing, regardless of volatile circumstances, and that an unprecedented level of mutual understanding enables us to successfully resolve any problems.

We are in agreement that all the conditions are in place for further development of our political dialogue, as well as of our trade, economic and cultural ties. Everything is in place to continue our constructive efforts to resolve pressing issues for the international community, including those connected with overcoming the global financial and economic crisis.

We can now confidently say that, on the whole, our trade and economic ties have weathered the crisis, and, despite the currently difficult situation in global markets, these ties have good potential for qualitative growth, including by means of major projects.

Of course, due to the global financial and economic crisis, the total volume of trade will be slightly lower this year than last year. But we are even seeing qualitative changes in the make-up of this trade. And these are positive structural changes.

I am also confident that the Large-Scale Plan for Russian-Chinese Investment Cooperation will play a positive role. This is a very important step in our relationship, as is the Plan for Regional Development, which will involve the Far Eastern regions of Russia, the Siberian region of the Russian Federation, and northeast China.

These plans will facilitate further economic growth both in Russia and China, and will help to create new jobs and factories.

Today we have made important, practical steps, both in various areas of cooperation and in establishing new, more modern frameworks for regular meetings between the Prime Minister of Russia and the Premier of China. A Sub-Commission on Customs Cooperation has been formed. The Sub-Commission on Financial Cooperation has been given new responsibilities.

During our meeting, we summed up the results of a successful Year of the Russian Language in China, and also discussed the preparations for the Year of the Chinese Language in Russia.

I am confident that these initiatives will serve to strengthen the friendship and mutual respect between our nations, and will enable our peoples to gain a more profound understanding of the specific features of each other's culture and traditions.

I would like to draw attention to the intergovernmental agreement that was signed by the heads of our military departments. I am referring to the Ballistic Missile Launch Notification Agreement. This is a very important step towards building trust in one another and strengthening our strategic partnership.

I would like to thank Wen Jiabao, the Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, and all of our Chinese colleagues for a very warm welcome and our fruitful collaboration.