Working Day

18 april, 2012 21:00

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting with Ryazan Region Governor Oleg Kovalyov

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin holds a meeting with Ryazan Region Governor Oleg Kovalyov
The officials discussed the results of the first quarter in the region, which were quite good, according to the governor. In particular, investment grew and demographic figures improved. According to the governor, the perinatal centre is working “excellently” and doctors’ pay is higher than the average salary in the economy. Teachers’ pay will be raised next.

Transcript of the beginning of the meeting:

Vladimir Putin: Mr Kovalyov, what are the results for the first quarter?

Oleg Kovalyov: The results for the first quarter are quite good, as industrial output grew by some 10%. Last year saw a 105% growth, which is a bit higher than the national average, but lower than the average in the Central Federal District. The figures for real investment made over the last year are also sound. The growth rate is 122% as compared to 2010. We rank fourth in the Central Federal District and 18th in Russia, I’m pleased to note.

I am also pleased to note that demographic figures improved considerably, although many problems and issues remain unresolved. The birth rate did not grow by much last year. The death rate decreased by almost 0.2% and infant mortality fell by 13% due to the perinatal centre.

Vladimir Putin: Is the centre operating well?

Oleg Kovalyov: The perinatal centre is working excellently. I believe the money was well spent. Healthcare faces other problems now. I think that the modernisation problem…

Vladimir Putin: How many facilities were included in the programme?

Oleg Kovalyov: 79.

Vladimir Putin: How much funding have you got?

Oleg Kovalyov: We have about 4 billion.

Vladimir Putin: Including your own?

Oleg Kovalyov: Yes.

Vladimir Putin: Are doctors’ wages going up?

Oleg Kovalyov: I can report the following figures for wages: doctors’ pay is higher than the average in the economy, as of January 1, 2012. It is 21,400 roubles per month. The average in the economy is over 19,000, almost 20,000 roubles. As for education, Mr Putin, we are still lagging behind but we plan to increase wages for teachers of primary vocational education (they are lagging behind considerably) and secondary vocational education.

Vladimir Putin: Still at schools…

Oleg Kovalyov: We plan to raise wages at schools, too.

Vladimir Putin: No, when will you reach the average in the economy?

Oleg Kovalyov: We would like to reach it by the end of 2012.

Vladimir Putin: No, not “we would like to.” Let’s agree that you will do this in the fourth quarter.

Oleg Kovalyov: All right.

Vladimir Putin: But this will be the average in the economy as of the fourth quarter.

Oleg Kovalyov: The fourth quarter.

Vladimir Putin: Not the first quarter.

Oleg Kovalyov: Naturally, not the first quarter.

Vladimir Putin: Well, some say: yes, we will reach the average in the economy, but this will be the first quarter.

Oleg Kovalyov: No, the figures that I just reported have to do with the same period. This is doctors’ wages and the average wages in the economy as of January 1, 2012. Hi-tech enterprises and oil companies are typical for our economy, and certainly wages there is…

Vladimir Putin: ...higher.

Oleg Kovalyov: …considerable. Our rural area accounts for 30% of the total area, and wages are not that high there.

Vladimir Putin: What do they get at the Ryazan Oil Processing Plant?

Oleg Kovalyov: The average pay is 25,000-30,000 roubles, but it is growing. We have signed an agreement between the United Aircraft Corporation, Russian Technologies, the region and the Ryazan State Instrument-Making Enterprise. We are going to place a state defence order and provide financing for seven years so that the enterprise could timely prepare the new shops, train new workers and engineering staff and complete research and development projects. I believe that in late 2011 we signed a good agreement. We are working on it now.

Vladimir Putin: Good.