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16 april, 2012 15:45

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin tours new residential community in Istra, Moscow Region

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin tours new residential community in Istra, Moscow Region

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin arrived at the construction site together with current Moscow Region Governor Boris Gromov and Governor-elect Sergei Shoigu.

As Alexander Braverman, head of the Russian Housing Development Foundation, told Vladimir Putin, the Vostochny residential community is being built on previously unused land belonging to the Russian Agriculture Academy. Construction is being carried out with the help of the foundation. Low-rise buildings with 2,200 flats, totalling some 140,000 sq m of living space, will be built on the area, with 75% of the flats to be economy-class housing.

According to Mr Braverman, construction of 500 flats is being carried out under a contract with the Defence Ministry, with one square metre worth 40,000 roubles. "The flats will be sold for a maximum of 48,000 roubles per square metre, while the average market value in the Moscow Region is 71,000," Mr Braverman said. He added that there are strict requirements on the energy efficiency of buildings and on the use of eco-friendly materials, as well as on living conditions.

"Is some kind of special power supply regime used here?" the prime minister asked. "Yes," replied Mr Braverman. "Each flat has a gas and cold water utility meters, " adding that hot water for heating and other domestic needs is heated in gas boilers, which reduces the rent by some 30%.

Two kindergartens, an ice arena, a school with a stadium and other infrastructure facilities will be built in the residential area, Mr Braverman said.

"This should be done throughout Russia, and in greater amounts," Mr Putin noted in response.

Using a large interactive screen, Mr Braverman showed the prime minister the housing construction process at similar areas in various Russian regions in real time. The sites of all construction projects supported by the fund are equipped with webcams, which makes it possible to constantly monitor the progress of construction work, Mr Braverman said.

Next Vladimir Putin visited the three-room flat of a family who were among the first to move into the area. He asked whether they were comfortable in their new place. "Yes, we are still settling in," they answered. The prime minister posed with the family for a photograph and presented them with a dishwasher.