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12 october, 2010 19:44

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with German President Christian Wulff

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin meets with German President Christian Wulff
As Prime MinisterVladimir Putin said at the meeting, an increase of German investments into the Russian economy amounted to almost six billion dollars in the first half of this year. He noted that almost all major German companies are represented in the Russian market. In turn, German President Christian Wulff emphasized that Germany has high hopes for the Russian economy.

Transcript of the beginning of the meeting:

Vladimir Putin: Mr President, dear friends,

Allow me to welcome you to Russia!

This is your first visit to this country as president. I know you have a full schedule - Moscow and St Petersburg, Ulyanovsk and Tver. I'm sure this will be an interesting and eventful trip. No doubt, it will make a positive contribution to the development of bilateral relations. Germany is one of our privileged partners, with a large amount of trade and economic ties.

Regrettably, trade between us made a dive during the crisis, but now it has almost reached a pre-crisis level and is quickly recovering. We'd like to congratulate the federal government and all German leaders on the effectiveness of anti-crisis measures. Now the German economy is recovering very rapidly. This is very important for us because we have extensive economic ties.

A large amount of German investment has accumulated in our economy - around $23 billion. In the first half of this year it grew by almost six billion dollars - $5.8 billion to be exact. Almost all major German companies are represented in our market. Contracts with Russia are reaching up to dozens of billions of euros. We have major joint projects.

We are very glad to see you here. Welcome to Russia!

Christian Wulff (as translated): Mr Prime Minister, I'm very grateful to you for finding the time to meet with us today in order to discuss expanding our relations. We were introduced at the industrial exhibition in Hannover. I saw how dynamic you were at this event. A lot of delegations coming from your country provided impressive evidence of the power of the Russian economy.

At that time I occupied my previous position and took part in making the decision to establish a Volkswagen plant in Kaluga. You attended the plant's opening ceremony. I think this shows once again that we have high hopes for the Russian economy.

During my official visit it is particularly important for me to learn more, especially about two things.  

First, I'd like to hear your opinion on global problems, which we can only resolve together.  I am referring to the financial system, climate protection and the fight against terrorism.

I'd also like to know what you think about Russia's domestic development with you as the prime minister, a powerful leader of the government. What do you think about Russia's future development? What are the main elements, the main points of contact in our already solid bilateral relations?

Vladimir Putin: I'd like to thank you for participation in the specific project you mentioned, that is, the Volkswagen plant.