24 february, 2012 12:23  

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin congratulates the staff of the Plekhanov Russian Economic University on the 105th anniversary of its foundation


The message reads, in part:

The university, which grew out of the Moscow Commercial Institute, one of the oldest specialised universities in Russia, absorbing its history and traditions, can be justifiably proud of its talented academics, professors and lecturers and its authoritative, world-famous academic schools. Most importantly, a whole galaxy of graduates of the university, many of whom went on to write bright chapters in the annals of our country, have made significant contributions to the development of science and the strengthening of the country's industrial and economic potential.

I am convinced that the university's practical and innovative approach, together with the active implementation of the most advanced technology in education, will enable you to face the future with confidence, conduct active research activities and participate in the implementation of ambitious projects.